We are committed to working with our clients on an individual basis. Not one project will ever be the same and they all need its own special attention. Patience and willingness to have all parties succeed is the ultimate support you can give and will inevitably bring success and satisfaction.

We are committed to being able to offer everybody a chance to have a web presence small or big, ventures alike. We don't want to close the door on anyone. We offer a cost-effective way to get a web presence of quality and a software that allows for our clients to easily update pages on their own.

For those who are interested in learning to do everything themselves, we give initial support for clients to get started learning Joomla or Wordpress. As with everything in the beginning, it takes a portion of patience, play and curiosity to learn and it is always valuable to have someone to ask for help.

We are committed to being open to sharing knowledge and help empower others. This is essentially the spirit of OpenSource; to create a world of sharing and openness, where community is valued higher than profit. If we as a collective world want to evolve, it is imperative we learn to cooperate better.

Nya's broad experience in the fields of web design & development, graphic design, administration, IT support and training/tutoring is quite unique and she offers a wealth of opportunities for smaller companies to be able to both get something that is affordable and of great quality, uniquely addressed to their needs and preferences. Read more about her qualifications here.

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