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I can personally attest to how responsive Nya was to each and every request or suggestion I submitted, and how quickly she did it. Also, just how she generally made our vision come to life, with the spirit of St. Paws on each page. Colorful, happy, user-friendly----everything we wanted. It was a real working partnership between us, which is why it turned out so well, I think. Once we started emailing regularly, and she asked the questions to get the information she needed, and I got a better sense of just what it was she needed to know, it really started flowing. It was such fun, sending her the information, and a few hours later, seeing the results, right there on the evolving website!

St Paws, A Charitable Store where all the money you spend is used to help Dogs, Cats, Horses, Bunnies and other companion animals...

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Phone: +1 646 229 3283
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