We now offer more extensive web and software solutions for bigger companies and non-profits, as we are now collaborating with a team of engineers and support staff at CSC Beyond.

Work include:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • A.I & Semantic Technology
  • Web Application Development
  • Telemarketing Campaign
  • Call Center Services
  • Big Data Solutions

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We can do all your written content for you and put together a marketing strategy for your website and other promotional material. Our copy writer has thirty years of experience.

Websites are first and foremost supposed to convey information and focus should always be on creating a well written content. Graphics are important to visually convey your message but unless you're an artist or actor or model, the written content and navigation system on your website is very important.

Learning Requires a Certain Degree of patience from both Student and Teacher

We offer tutoring and training in the most commonly known software, also most OpenSource software and web-based software like Joomla and Wordpress. Tutoring is more than passing on instructions. With computers, people tend to give up easily, often because they are under a great amount of pressure to perform, ending up doing simple tasks in less efficient ways. Like with anything else in life, learning is about keeping an open mind and willingness to absorb new knowledge. It requires a certain degree of patience from both student and teacher. We believe in empowering people so that they can go back to their business and handle those necessary tasks with more confidence, greater efficiency and understanding of the computer processes. Too often in the IT industry, the experts go in and do the job without interacting with the clients who are left feeling alienated. I'd like to help change that perception. I believe real efficiency includes maintenance, communication and team effort. The training and tutorials, we offer is tailor-made to your needs and it's there so that you can better maintain and execute your IT systems and environment.

Do yourself a favor, if you haven't already, put aside the time and marketing money to built a website or upgrade an old outdated site, so you have something that represents your company 100 percent. When it is done, know that it will help your business grow and attract the right clients to your door. These days, most people will search for you using the internet and it is essential for any business, who relies on finding new clients, to have a website. Even to businesses who already have a steady clientele, it makes sense to have an active, well functioning website to keep those existing clients around. Use your website to keep your clients informed and assured of why they have chosen to do business with you.

We offer photography services to our website clients who are in need of promoting specific products, and/or need images of their location or staff  for their website. For videography we can refer you to a network of professional independent film makers.


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