Ongoing Maintenance, Support and Managed hosting for your dynamic website

If your website was built in the last 5 years, chances are it was built on a Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. 

These web based software systems have made it easier for people without much know how to make changes to their websites without involving a web designer. There are of course many more benefits to having a cms website, in short it is one of the most powerful free tools out there that enables you to have a strong and professional web presence.

The downside to having a cms versus an old fashioned html website is that you have to regularly update and upgrade your software like you do with your desktop software. Updating your cms can be a little tricky and yearly the software will need an upgrade, which implicates template design and any extensions/ add-ons installed.

Updating you cms software is especially important for security reasons. Unfortunately, websites get hacked for various reasons, which is a pain in the b, but not the end of your website life. It just takes a bit of work to undo the hackers work. This can all easily be avoided if you have a strong password and you regularly update your software. Having someone help you maintain your website will help you in security matters and to catch any server or database errors that occurs from time to time and in general help you keep your site optimized.

While you can handle most updating yourself, it is a good idea to have a web developer on retainer who can easily handle the updates and any tricky matters that may come up.

We offer an affordable all in one service which includes ongoing web hosting, cms maintenance and emergency support for Joomla and Wordpress sites for just:

$50 per month

($40 a month for Managed Joomla/WordPress Maintenance Only – No Managed Hosting).

The Managed WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Support Level Covers:

    Unlimited storage and bandwidth, high-speed shared hosting through Siteground
    Email hosting
    Email accounts creation – just give us a call; we’ll create your email accounts in the hosting panel and send you the information to set up your email on your devices
    Quarterly updates of WordPress or Joomla as well as all available plugin, extensions and theme updates
    Weekly, automated back-ups of your website files and databases
    Quarterly database tables optimization
    Quarterly updates of your WordPress or Joomla CMS and plugins or components, etc. to the latest available secure and stable versions
    On-call crisis management and support in the event that your website experiences an outage of any kind

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